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2020-2021 Results

State Championship

Rock Springs Nov. 5-7 2020

  • 1st place team, Coyote Assasins, and Big Coyote winners Nemnich, Nemnich, Nemnich, and Rye

  • 2nd place team Gillum and Roberson

  • 3rd place team and Little Coyote winners Hurlbert and Oldaker

  • 4th place team Leseberg and Spencer

  • 5th place team Hill, Lovelace, and Hill

  • 6th place team Thies and Ballard

  • 7th place team, Yates and Sybert

Circuit Champions

  • Circuit Champions Angell and Leithead

  • Circuit runner up team Goodsell, Gould, and Stevenson


Kemmerer Nov. 16 2020

  • 1st place team Wiginton and Burnell

  • 2nd place team Anderson and Roberson

  • 3rd place team Heil and Skinner

  • 4th place team Draney, Tuckett, and Maynard

  • Small coyote winners Prather and Prather, 15.4#

Casper Dec. 12 2020

  • 1st place team Heil and Skinner

  • 2nd place winners Burnell and Wiginton

  • 3rd place team Roberson and Anderson

  • 4th place team Anderson and Gunther

  • Xcrawny coyote winners Campbell and Campbell

  • Little coyote winners Farr and Hatch


Cheyenne Dec. 19 2020

  • 1st place team and Big Coyote winners Burkett and Petsch

  • 2nd place team Edis, Edis, and Sowders

  • 3rd place team Shroyer and Ekwall

  • Little Coyote winners Cathcart, Cathcart, and Roth

Lovell Jan. 9 2021

  • 1st place team and Big Coyote winners Piippo, Tippetts, and Clark

  • 2nd place team Akin and Miller

  • 3rd place team Anderson and Roberson

  • Little Coyote winners Penman and Grant

Riverton Jan. 23 2021

  • 1st Place & Big Coyote - Harvey Anderson and Colton Roberson

  • 2nd place - Laramie Wiginton and Cenny Burrell

  • 3rd place - Andrew Clark, Garrett Mehling and Justin Livingston

  • 4th place - Mike Carruth and Luke Becker 4 Coyotes weighing in at 95.8lbs

  • 5th place with 3 coyotes, Zane Bell Jr and Jesse Garza Jr.

  • Little Coyote: 20.2lbs Lance Jordan and Kodi Armajoe

  • Who's Fault was it!! / Jordan, Trumpler and Trumpler

  • Scavenger hunt Winners / Beau Schnider and Eric Logue

Rock Springs Feb. 6 2021

  • First Place & Big Coyote Anderson/Ginther 3 coyotes / Big Dog 35.7lbs

  • Second Place Skinner/Heil

  • Third Place Egbert/Pinter/Egbert

  • Little Coyote Ashworth/Ashworth 19.6 #


Newcastle Feb. 20 2021

  • N/A

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